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Contract Reviews

Let our team of experienced physician contract attorneys and financial specialists reveal the hidden traps in your employment contract and make sense of your compensation and benefits.

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Protect Your Income

Your potential income is the largest financial asset you own. Don't delay securing true own-occupation disability insurance coverage. Ask us about our nationwide physician-specific discounts!

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Disability Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset with true, own-occupation physician disability insurance. You would insure a car that is worth $30,000 and a house that is worth $250,000. Shouldn't you insure your career income which is worth tens of millions of dollars? Secure your own paycheck with a true, own-occupation physician disability insurance policy.

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How to Find Your Dream Position and Thrive At It

When researching and applying for positions, the first important thing to do is to change your thinking. During your applications for medical school and residency, the goal was to be accepted. By contrast, during your search for a job you are also deciding whether a position will be a good fit for you in the long term. They’re not just screening you, but you’re screening them too. » Read More

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4 tips to perfect your CV

The beginning of your last year of training is when you’ll want to refresh and update your CV. Your CV will act as an introduction to potential employers, and is a summary of your background. Its goal is to clearly outline your credentials for a professional position. You may not have touched it since applying for residency, so time to brush it off and add to it the additional skills you have acquired during training. Your CV may get only 30 to 60 seconds of consideration by a potential employer, so remember that your CV is your chance to impress. » Read More

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Top 3 reasons to work with an independent insurance agent

If you’re shopping for a disability insurance policy, you may not be sure if it would be better to go directly through the insurance companies or to work with an independent agency. In this article we’ll go through the pros and cons of working with an independent agency and how you can get the best disability insurance policy for you. » Read More

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Disability insurance discounts: do you still qualify?

Are you a new attending physician? If so, you probably heard about disability insurance during training. But did you know that disability insurance is especially important for you if you’re early in your attending career? » Read More

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OnCall Advisors is a group of physician-only financial consultants who have provided trusted advice to doctors and practices across the United States. Our 5 step planning process, electronic applications with e-signatures, and use of online meeting and collaboration technologies are all designed to simplify the often complicated and busy lives of physicians.

We significantly invest in educating our clients about financial products and services and take the time to build a strong working relationship predicated on loyalty and trust. Working with physicians across the United States through the years has given us an understanding of the opportunities and obstacles faced by physicians and their practices. This allows us to cater specific solutions and advice to help simplify their lives and reach their financial goals.

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