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physicians in our areas of specialty with the thoughtful and
personalized care they give their patients.

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Contract Reviews

Let our team of experienced physician contract attorneys and financial specialists reveal the hidden traps in your employment contract and make sense of your compensation and benefits.

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Protect Your Income

Your potential income is the largest financial asset you own. Don't delay securing true own-occupation disability insurance coverage. Ask us about our nationwide physician-specific discounts!

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Financial Planning

As a physician, your ability to generate wealth and retire comfortably is directly correlated to how well you develop and implement a financial plan. Our physician-only financial planning specialists can help build a comprehensive plan to reach your goals and dreams.

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New attending physicians and big purchases: should you buy or not buy...

For new attending physicians, moving from a training salary to an attending salary will be a huge change and will seem like a ton of money. But there are things to consider when thinking about where to put your new paycheck. So should you buy or should you not buy... » Read More

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Your First 90 Days as an Attending: Big Paycheck, Bigger Opportunities

For all the new attendings just starting practice—congratulations! Completing your training program is a huge accomplishment. And happily, you’ll now be receiving paychecks that are commensurate with your education. The first paycheck after residency will be a big change, but don’t spend it all without having a financial plan in place. So what do you do with all of that extra income? » Read More

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5 Answers to Top Physician Disability Insurance Questions

Insurance seems simple enough. You pay premiums in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate you in the event of a covered loss. It’s pretty easy to assume that all insurance products are essentially alike and fairly straightforward. But it can be dangerous to assume that physician disability insurance works the same way. » Read More

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6 Things Physicians Ought to Know About Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects you against financial hardship if injury or illness prevent you from working. But be careful when you look at disability insurance policies! It’s a particular product that works in a unique way, so we want to help you with a easy-to-follow checklist to what you should consider as you look at disability insurance policies. I've rounded up the more important things to consider as you go through the process of picking a disability insurance policy. » Read More

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OnCall Advisors

OnCall Advisors is a group of physician-only financial consultants who have provided trusted advice to doctors and practices across the United States. Our 5 step planning process, electronic applications with e-signatures, and use of online meeting and collaboration technologies are all designed to simplify the often complicated and busy lives of physicians.

We significantly invest in educating our clients about financial products and services and take the time to build a strong working relationship predicated on loyalty and trust. Working with physicians across the United States through the years has given us an understanding of the opportunities and obstacles faced by physicians and their practices. This allows us to cater specific solutions and advice to help simplify their lives and reach their financial goals.

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