Attending Physicians

You have invested a great deal into your profession and are now using it to help others. Growing and protecting your wealth, paying off debt, retirement planning, and making the most of partnership opportunities are now important topics to you. An experienced guide can help you navigate these issues.

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Attending Physicians

Financial Planning for Physicians

It's no secret that in training, physicians learn how to live on much less than they will be making for the rest of their careers. This has both a positive and a negative effect. The positive is that it trains the physician to live on a budget and to be cognizant of their income, expenses, and taxes.

The negative is that many will have a difficult time wisely transitioning from their training salary into their attending salary. They will either spend it or hoard it, leaving their money powerless to help them pay off debt and build toward their dreams.

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Physician Employment Contract Reviews

Let our team of experienced physician contract attorneys and financial specialists closely exam your employment contract revealing the hidden traps and making sense of your compensation and benefits.

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Disability Insurance for Attending Physicians

For physicians, there is only one phrase to know regarding disability insurance: “own occupation”. But who has true “own occupation” coverage and how much does it cost? Which additional riders are really valuable and which ones are simply wasted premium? How can I get discounts even though I am not in training anymore?

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