4 tips to perfect your CV

    The beginning of your last year of training is when you’ll want to refresh and update your CV. Your CV will act as an introduction to potential employers, and is a summary of your background. Its goal is to clearly outline your credentials for a professional position. You may not have touched it since applying for residency, so time to brush it off and add to it the additional skills you have acquired during training. Your CV may get only 30 to 60 seconds of consideration by a potential employer, so remember that your CV is your chance to impress.
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    Top 10 interviewing tips for physicians

    ​Around this time each year, we post our top 10 tips for Interviewing as a way to educate and help residents and fellows improve in this critical area of transitioning from training to practice. These interviewing tips, along with a professional CV, will help you to land the perfect position for you.
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    Countdown to practice checklist

    ​Welcome to your final year of training! This series will provide a countdown to practice overview checklist, and then will go further in-depth on the various subtopics. The goal of this series is to help you feel prepared to leave training and start your life as an attending physician.
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