Let our team of experienced physician contract attorneys and financial specialists reveal the hidden traps in your employment contract and make sense of your compensation and benefits.

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The main difference between each contract review service package is the level of interaction you will have with your attorney.

If this is your first employment contract out of training or you are concerned or confused about any of the terms of your contract, you should consider our most popular Interactive Level review. If you're still unsure, please contact us and we can help you decide the best package for your situation.

Essential Level Basic Review


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Comprehensive Review & Phone Conference with a Physician-Specific Employment Contract Attorney

Advocate Level We Negotiate for You


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Physician-Specific Attorney Negotiates On Your Behalf

Thorough Contract Review
Provision by provision, review of the contract documents.
Attorney Notes
Attorney notated contract documents.
Propose New Language
Propose contract language to protect your interests..
Email Correspondence
Unlimited email correspondence with your attorney.
Phone Consultations
Time available to speak with the attorney to explain and discuss findings.
Benefits Analysis
Comprehensive employer benefits analysis to confirm you are receiving a physician-level benefits package.
Compensation Analysis
Compensation bench-marking analysis.
Employer Negotiation Coaching
Attorney will coach you on how to communicate and negotiate with you prospective employer or the employer's attorney.
Review Unlimited Contract Revisions
Attorney will review any contract revisions by employer to ensure appropriate changes were completed and no other provisions were modified.
Negotiation Organization
Attorney organizes presentation of points to prospective employer.
Negotiation with Employer
Attorney negotiates with your prospective employer or employer's attorney.
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So Be Sure You Are Protected

Don't gamble with who you have handling your contract review and negotiation. With OnCall Advisors, you get professionals that have years of experience. With us, you will receive counsel from an attorney that:

  • specializes in physician contract review and negotiation.
  • has extensive experience with physician contracts in the state where your offer is located
  • has experience in consulting physicians with YOUR specialty
  • has represented employers and knows how to anticipate their perspective during the negotiation
  • has a strong track record of getting employers to improve their offers for our clients

All our packages also include expertise in physician compensation and benefits.  We know YOUR industry and have data that shows how much you should be making.

We Can Help You...

Make more money every year
  • Increase your base compensation to the tune of $20,000-$100,000 per year
Start off with a big bang
  • Signing bonuses are added that range from $20,000-$50,000
Eliminate financial worries
  • Relocation reimbursements added to cover the entire cost of the move
Have freedom from debt
  • Loan forgiveness plans added to cover $100,000 of debt repayment
Spend more time doing what you love
  • Additional paid time off for vacation time
Be paid to become an expert
  • Additional paid time off for CME
No forced relocations
  • Non-compete clauses reduced down to 5 miles.
Future proof you career
  • Restrictive covenants thrown out
  • Permission granted for moonlighting and outside business activities
  • Full cost of malpractice tail insurance covered
  • Contract term shortened down to 1 year (if desired)
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