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Annual Analysis of:
  • Retirement Plans
401(k), 401(b), money purchase, cash balance, SEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA plans
  • Group Disability Insurance
Price, features, company
  • Group Life insurance
Price and suitability
1-Hour Phone Consultation Summary, recommendations, Q&A
Quarterly review of:
  • Investment Performance
Ratings and returns of all investment options
  • Insurance Claims
new claims and results
Quarterly Checkup-Up (Phone Call) Updates and Q&A
Unlimited Consulting Time Phone and web conference capabilities
Co-Fiduciary Support Named agent or advisor on insurance and retirement plans
Investment Policy Statement Defines the investments allowed in your plans and how they are monitored
Annual Fiduciary Responsibility Checklist Reduces your fiduciary liabiliy and helps you keep track of your responsibliites

Group Retirement Plans

One of the first benefits that future physicians ask practices about is their retirement plan.  Whether is it a 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, Cash Balance, or some other type of retirement plan, physicians want to know that they have the opportunity to save for retirement effectively and efficiently.  Having quality investment options, low costs, high enough contribution limits, and multiple tax treatments can help provide more confidence to the physician that they can join your group, and stay with your group, and have the tools they need to save and invest confidently.  Ask one of our OnCall Advisors how you can use one, or multiple retirement plans in concert to attract and retain the highest quality physicians. Click Here to contact us.

Group Disability Insurance

Most thriving practices offer some sort of group disability insurance to their physicians.  In the past, however, these groups have tended to provide the cheapest coverage available without much concern for strength of insurance company, taxability of the protection, or whether the coverage is truly “own-occupation” or not.  Ask one of our OnCall Advisors how to get cost effective, own-occupation, group disability insurance that physicians actually want and need.  Click Here to contact us.

Group Life Insurance

Most physicians are aware of their need for life insurance but few have adequate coverage.  One way to show that your group cares for its physicians and their families is by providing a robust life insurance benefit.  Most group life insurance programs are extremely affordable and will give your practice an edge in presenting a complete benefits package to your physicians.  Ask one of our OnCall Advisors how you can add this benefit to your current benefits lineup in powerful, yet cost effective ways. Click Here  to contact us.

Practice Business Planning

Most practices do not fail due to a lack of patients or quality of care; they fail due to business mismanagement.  Having the appropriate documents and protections in place allow for groups to focus on their specialties and run the business aspect of the practice with minimal effort.  Ask one of our OnCall Advisors how you can set up the financial component of your practice to incentivize your partners and physicians while protecting the practice from unforeseen events. Click Here to contact us.

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