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The greatest investment you have made is in your training. The greatest financial asset you will probably ever own is the return on that investment: your career income. Protect your most valuable asset with true, own-occupation physician disability insurance.

You would insure a car that is worth $30,000 and a house that is worth $250,000. Shouldn’t you insure your career income which could be worth worth tens of millions of dollars?

Physician Disability Insurance Facts:

  • 1 in 4 Americans in the workforce will suffer a disabling injury before retirement
  • 350,000 bankruptcies per year can be attributed to unexpected injuries or illnesses
  • 65% of applicants for disability benefits through Social Security are denied the first time


They took care of everything on time and they answered my questions very well. It was a positive experience. Electronic paperwork is much easier than actually having to sign and fax over things. Plus, it gives us a nice record on my e-mail if I want ever go back and look at it. It’s much easier.

- Dr. Jitesh J

When I had questions, he was able to answer all the ins and outs of the different policies with each of the companies that offer the insurance. That was extremely helpful instead of reading through five different policies and trying to figure out which is the best one.

It was a very stress-free process. They kept us informed the whole way which I really appreciated. Having electronic signature does help especially when we were interviewing for jobs and everything else.

- Dr. Mitch B.

I talked with a lot of agents, so when I talked to them I know what they are saying is really true. I think they are very efficient, they know all the details. They are very helpful.

They explain all the benefits and what’s the difference between all options so you can have a very educated choice. They are your consultant. They explain everything. You don’t need to do anything - you just can learn and think what you want. So I totally recommend them rather than any other agents.

- Dr. Ehab Youssef

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