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Training is a unique time in the life of a physician; budgets are tight, time is precious, and sleep is often elusive. It’s also a valuable time to begin building the foundation of your financial plan with opportunities and discounts on the most used financial products by physicians.

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  • Start Training
  • Develop a CV ...continually throughout training.

    As you move through training, you should continually update and build your CV. By doing so, you won't have to worry about recalling all of your notable experience, awards, etc when it is time to apply for your attending position.

    Ask about our CV overview and editing service!

  • Apply for Positions a year till the end of training

    Applying for positions can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. We recommend beginning your search as soon as you can. This will help you have ample time to collect numerous offers and make a thoughtful decision base on your goals and priorities. Too often physicians find themselves settling for a position due to their final-hour scramble.

  • Interview after you apply

    Interviewing is your first impression to a potential employer. It goes without saying that you should be prepared. Fortunately, we've walked through this process with many physicians and are happy to let you in on some secrets to successful interviewing.

  • Get Contract Reviewed after you get a job offer/contract

    Getting your contract reviewed is a critical first step in your financial success. Let our team of experienced physician contract attorneys and financial specialists reveal the hidden traps in your employment contract and make sense of your compensation and benefits.

  • Review Individual Disability Insurance Options as early in training as you are able

    You potential income is your largest financial asset. Don't delay securing true own-occupation disability insurance coverage. Ask us about physician-specific discounted disability insurance policies!

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